MtM-Motorized tag Map

Goal & description

It all started with the question where can they drive with a tractor (<25km/h) and moped.

The goal is: To make visible, where you can drive in free or if only in "your" travel transportation mode.

The first tab-line on map can be used in whole the world.
The second tab-line, the content applies to the Netherlands and may differ from other countries.

Do you have comments/questions, see the OSM forum topic about this map ( Dutch ).

Simple thought, control lines:
greenish line ( drive in free )
greenish dashed line ( drive in free, others )
redish ( no drive in )
redish line, cat. ( other hierarchy catgories ) dashed line ( drive in, only if ).

Even on the barrier points and traffic_signs, you can see if "your" transportmode can drive in free or not.

Restrictions by law, signs, barrier a.o., juridical and physical.
There is a hierarchy in this tags, the layer shows the highest tag that overrules others.
In tab moped.
If motor_vehicle=no and moped =yes on a way, moped overrules the motor_vehicle, and the motor_vehicle=no (red line) is "not" shown on the map.
Only what counts for the moped.
It looks so easy in the beginning, but there are conflicting tags and tags with : @ forward/backward, conditional and ; (multiple values).
There are some layers you can check/uncheck to see conflicting situations or wrong tagging.

Now you can also see where Openstreetmap is not tagged yet or wrongly tagged.
By clicking on the map you can choose where to edit openstreetmap database.
By using permalink, you can then copy the url, showing others the situation.
In forums to discuss a situation.





Wegwerkmeldingen, shows events and roadwork, here also green is open, red is closed. Legend.


OSM member Noordfiets for the basic site-setup, and others on the Dutch Openstreetmap Community, from who I learned a lot.

OpenStreetmap Nederland for giving some space.

Still under construction.

If there is content not right let me know. write a Personal Mail or on the forum topic